World Mental Health Day 2017

I was thrilled to see one of my original paintings featured on Celebrity Love Island star Chris Hughes’ (ambassador of World Mental Health day this year) Instastories this week. Lots of lovely folk on my Facebook and Instagram excitedly got in touch to tell me and it caused quite a social media stir!  It’s lovely when you see your own artwork featured in somebody’s living space; I like to see how a painting comes into its own once it is hung on a wall and helps to make a happy home. Personalising your living space with art and beautiful artefacts found along the journey of your life is a real luxury.

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2017

Today (10th October 2017) is World Mental Health Day; a day when anyone affected by mental health issues is encouraged to open up, and organisations discuss what more needs to be done to raise the public’s awareness of mental health problems. First held in 1992, today is the 25th annual day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues, and to fighting the ongoing stigma. Contentment and the art of well-being can sometimes be a real struggle and a distant dream for many. Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can overwhelm us and we feel helpless and adrift.

Celebrity Love Island star Chris Hughes has become an ambassador of World Mental Health day this year; opening up about his struggle with crippling anxiety and alerting young people (especially males) to the fact that mental health issues can affect anyone. He is raising funds and awareness for the mental health charity Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably) via a collaboration with Topman which will hopefully encourage men not to bottle up their emotions and to seek help for any anxieties and mental health issues they might have.  A poll for YouGov discovered that, sadly, 84% of UK men say they find it hard to express their feelings, so this campaign will hopefully work to dispel the stigma which surrounds mental health issues in men.

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