Introducing My New Hashtag For Spring #WildForFlowers

We’re ready for you spring!

March has finally arrived and if you follow the meteorological calendar it is the first day of spring and yet we are still in the depths of winter!  The astronomical system states spring will start March 20th (the spring equinox),  so although spring may not have sprung yet we know it has to be in touching distance now!

Nature is showing early signs of spring despite this unexpected cold snap. Snowdrops don’t really care about the cold weather and it is so lovely seeing the smattering of daffodils in woodlands and parks in time for Mother’s Day, March 11th.

New Flower Hashtag For Instagram

So with this in mind I am launching my first Instagram hashtag project #WildfForFlowers. Come and find me on Instagram here! 

I love flowers! For me flowers, and magical wild flower meadows, are a constant source of inspiration for my paintings and a symbol of my trust and faith in the ultimate goodness of humanity. The flower life cycle reflects our own journey through life. From their tender beginnings as a seed hidden in the earth, to the appearance of tiny shoots, (this soft green veil a promise that winter will soon be over and spring is whispering) to their blooms of wild colour. Flowers are full of soothing joy and beauty; they are a true celebration of life!

I have recently added 16 new fine art limited edition giclee prints produced by our master Printer here in Devon. Each print is titled and signed, bursting with flowers,  vibrant wild colour and as always sprinkled with love.

Flowers on Instagram and Pinterest

I know I am not alone in my passion for flowers and it is such a joy to be greeted with a daily dose of beautiful blooms on my Instagram and Pinterest feed.

Check out my Instagram Inspiration Pinterest Board here

We need spring to take over, banish winter and embrace the blooms.

I will showcase my favourite photos that use the #WildfForFlowers hashtag here on my blog. I am so excited about my new project and I can’t wait to see how it evolves and be inspired!

Let’s make March a wonderful month full of flowers!