Unique Interior Design Tips to Awaken Our Homes

Our lives are so busy that we sometimes treat our homes as if they are impersonal places that we merely pass through – transient places with the sole purpose of function. Gardens need care in order to offer us the beauty of their blooms, and so it is with our homes. By taking the time to tend to them and by incorporating unique interior design techniques, we can make certain that our homes truly feel like our sanctuaries and places to be adored. When we take the time to treat our homes like beloved treasures, we can transform their energy from being merely places serving a function to becoming wellsprings for the replenishment of energy.

Updating our homes to reflect our inner selves need not involve massive restyling or a large outlay of money. Small things can make a big difference when we use unique interior design tips to awaken our homes. Tricks like simply moving items around so that we constantly gaze upon the artefacts and pieces of art we love the most, liberating the treasures we’ve hidden in our cupboards, using our “best” dishes and making small repairs in items which have been much-loved.

Moving beloved artwork to a different room or introducing a complementary piece of new artwork can give living spaces a new lease of life and add new interest to a piece. People write to tell me all the time that my artwork inspires them using words such as uplifting, vibrant, cheerful, nostalgic, happiness, joy… I am humbled that my wildflower paintings can evoke such joyful emotion in those who have my contemporary artwork in their homes.

 Unique Interior Design Tips for the Coming Year

Simplifying our living spaces invites our imaginations and energies to run free. We can choose to prioritise our homes, making them the true heart of our family life. We can eradicate chaos and introduce calm into our homes by clearing, tidying and sorting; a task which many of us undertake at this time of the year following the excesses and sparkly explosion of Christmas. Rather than seeing it as a tiresome chore, spending time rejuvenating our personal space can become a creative project that increases the flow of good throughout all aspects of our lives and increases our feeling of connection and motivation. Donating pre-loved things to charity shops gives them new life and opens space within our homes for newness to enter.

Incorporating unique interior design themes and introducing into our homes items which we love, can give our minds and souls the rejuvenation it needs. Starting the new year with a happy (healthy) heart is a wish of many, so begin 2018 by revamping your home and once our inner landscape is realigned, go on to radiate the love from there.

Once we have created a peaceful backdrop to a happy and nourishing life by awakening and re-energising our homes, it means we are then free to focus on what really matters; time to ourselves to share with loved ones, and to replenish our energy so that we have more to share with each other and with the world.

With love and blessings for the year ahead (and always),

Yvonne xxx