My Original Contemporary Artwork in a New Gallery!

People often ask me why I give my wildflower paintings such uniquely evocative names. I have a passion for books and the new worlds which unfold within them, I love to read and to lose myself in the mind’s eye of a talented and creative author, and find the poetry of language to be one of my creative inspirations. “I Love You So Very Much”, “Champagne Dreams”, “Magical You” and “Summertime Kisses” are just some of the monikers which I bestow upon my creations, and I like to think that the way I name my paintings contributes to why they are so inspiring to those who buy my original contemporary artwork. I regularly receive letters from people who have found a deep connection with my Devon flowerscapes and who tell me that a particular painting reminds them of a loved one or evokes a cherished memory. The way I title my paintings often seems to be as heart-stirring as the paintings themselves, and I think that this most definitely adds to the narrative of the resplendent scene of kaleidoscopic joy that unfolds onto the canvas. I love that my original contemporary artwork sings to the soul, and to be able to stir people and evoke such emotion is a huge motivation for me.

Yvonne Coomber Totnes Art Gallery Opening

If you would like to come and see my evocatively-named flowerscapes in person, then I am delighted to announce that after months of planning and preparation, I have opened my first ever gallery in my home town of Totnes!

Devon’s Totnes is a bountiful hub of magical creativity; the independent shops and art galleries which thrive here flaunt a bevy of original products by some very talented artisans and creators which I’m proud to stand amongst and be inspired by. The brand new Yvonne Coomber Totnes Art Gallery will be the only place where you can view and buy everything from my range of original contemporary artwork; limited edition prints, original paintings, fine art cards, handmade cushions and printed canvasses will all be available under one roof for the first time.

The Yvonne Coomber Gallery is on the town’s main High Street; Totnes is often named the ‘funkiest’ high street in the UK thanks to its dizzying collection of unique social enterprises, organic eco-outlets, craft workshops and characterful local artists. Creativity and talent thrives and I couldn’t be more excited to open my very own gallery right here in the flourishing artsy town of Totnes that I’m proud to call home.

My Totnes art gallery is closed on Sundays and Mondays but will be open between 10am and 5pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Stay tuned on my Facebook and Instagram to hear more about my gallery so that you can come and say hi!

With love always,
Yvonne xxx