Three Dazzling Summer Art Exhibitions

This summer is looking to be a rich and diverse melting pot of inspiration, travels and experimentation.  I am always looking to push the boundaries of my practice, and I look forward to sharing the results with you all over the coming months at three summer art exhibitions.

Summer is my favourite time of year – days full of languid heat, clear blue skies, golden suns (if we are lucky…) and flowers everywhere you look – tumbling from hedgerows, pockets of colour in shady woods, tiny pink flowers crouched in the breeze on cliffs, and meadows bursting with wild grasses and flowers, which feel like wading through a sea.

I spend a lot of time out and about and often pull over to take a photo when something catches my eye, a bright patch of colour in the hedgerows, blossom hanging from a branch or the dappled green of trees arching over the road where sunlight barely penetrates … beauty is all around us and it is really important to stop for a moment and breathe it in. Do have a look at my Instagram page at some of the photos I have taken- it is full of happy memories and acts as a constant inspiration for future artwork.

Nurturing Creativity

That said, sometimes I find stopping hard – so I have set aside Sundays to do just that and spend precious time with my husband; we go on long rambling walks, head to the coast or the moors or simply hang out at home in our house and garden.  I treasure this time …  it replenishes my soul – and allows a quiet bubbling of creativity to go on in the background – and once refreshed I carry this over into my paintings.  Taking time out from hectic lives is so important for everyone. Even more so, given I am very busy at the moment … I am hugely excited by the prospect of these three summer art exhibitions.

Summer Show at the Imagianation Gallery in Bath

From 8th-26th July the Imagianation Gallery in Bath will host the earliest of my summer art exhibitions entitled “Dancing with Colours”. An apt title because that is what my painting feels like – a wonderfully un-choreographed dance between my brush and the canvas, where I give free reign to my imagination and hope for magic!  The Imagianation Gallery is a beautiful venue.  The owners Iain and Nicola have created an inviting space and exhibit artists from all over the South West.  I will be at the gallery on the 8th between 2 – 5pm to open the show and do a ‘meet the artist’ session, so do come along and say hello.

I am so looking forward to Bath, it is one of our most gorgeous cities; the honey-coloured stone and elegant buildings, the river with houseboats brightening up the banks, the wonderful Bath Spa and the Abbey. Not to mention streets crammed with fabulous shops, and quirky, independent cafes.  A great place to wander aimlessly, stop for a coffee and people watch.

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Mixed Summer Art Exhibitions – the D’Art Gallery in Dartmouth

In July, I am also taking part in a mixed exhibition at The D’Art Gallery, which celebrates local and internationally renowned artists in a warm and welcoming space.  The D’Art Gallery, has been going for 20 years.  Its current owners (Tom and Edward) have established a well-deserved reputation for hosting quality art exhibitions and showcasing the best of local and international talent. It is a pleasure to be part of it. Dartmouth too is well worth a visit; with its lines of pastel buildings along the river, the twisting streets with lovely cafes and pubs, the docks chock full of boats of all shapes and sizes, from fishing trawlers to yachts and the ancient castle that sits at the far most point of the estuary, where it finally meets the sea.

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Mixed Summer Show at the Bedruthan Hotel in Cornwall

In August, I am heading to North Cornwall and the Bedruthan Hotel – if you don’t know this part of Cornwall you should take a trip out there for the beaches alone with their pale golden sands and aquamarine seas. (Think Poldark …) Truly stunning.  And the fabulous Bedruthan Hotel is so much more than just a hotel – it includes a luxurious spa, an award-winning theatre, art and design fairs, a pottery studio and of course its own art gallery. The views from the windows are to die for. There is another chance to meet me there on the 5th August between 12-3pm. I value the opportunity to meet people and share my passion for my work so if you can make it I would love to see you.

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So that’s my round up of summer art exhibitions! I do hope to see some of you. You can catch up with future events in my Events Diary, or see what I am up to on Facebook or Instagram. If you want to find out more or offer feedback on any painting or exhibition please do on Facebook (I read all the comments and truly appreciate you taking the time to get in touch) or feel free to email me at

With love and blessings for a sparkling happy summer!