Spring Has Sprung

I am so delighted that spring is finally here and super excited to be hosting my special Spring open studios during May and June. All details, dates and venues are below however if you are unable to visit I would be very happy to video chat with you and show you the beautiful collection of wildflowerscapes. These events can be super busy it would be great if you are able to make an appointment this ensures we can give you our absolute attention.

I often find that spring likes to tease us. March can be a deceptive month. Do you remember that weekend of blissful sun at the beginning of the month? We thought, spring is here! But then it rained non-stop for a week. And it was cold again. Now that the clocks have gone forward and the sun seems to have stayed for a while, I hope you’ll agree that spring is here! 

Spring is a time for new colour and new beginnings. The magnolias remind us again of the glorious complexion Mother Nature has. Perhaps of all the seasons, spring is the one you can see most clearly, most plentifully, in my work, especially in the flowerscapes. There’s a marvellous generosity and richness to spring, which we observe in the brimming carpets of celandine, bluebell and daffodil. This time of year, you’ll find me wandering along the path next to the Dart or sitting in the stillness of Hembury Woods. I relish the frothy abundance of what these places offer, and they remind me that there’s still lots of room to be abundant with our hearts. To be open to each other and welcome in the light is so important right now, especially with all the chaos and violence that is unfolding across the world.

To embrace this new light of spring – that is where we can find peace and abiding. As winter moves into spring, I always notice how the light changes, not only in its length but also in its quality: it’s brighter and more clarified. Perhaps this is nature’s way of encouraging us to be outside more, to be with the beauty of the landscape. Brought up an Irish Catholic, I have over the years lost most of my religious leanings, but I still cherish the sacredness of this world. My devotion has moved to nature; that is where I think sanctity lies.

While everything’s blossoming, I’ve been planting seeds of my own with rainbows of paint that will reach their bloom at my open studios. I’m so excited to share my new work with you in May and June. It will be an opportunity to enjoy the work in a relaxed environment, experiencing a world of colours and flowers, in Brighton, London or Totnes. There will be a selection of originals and prints for sale, in a variety of sizes to cater for all budgets.

Over four weekends in May, I’ll be in Brighton with my husband Mike, who is an incredible support and the inspiration for a lot of my soppy titles! We’ll be staying at our family home, which we look forward to sharing with you, welcoming everyone and anyone who has an interest in painting, sculpture, tea or cake. Mike’s work will be on display too; his paintings inhabit a strangely hypnotic space. Narrative-based, his work captures realms that are surreal and magical and vividly poetic. Also showing her work will be Louise Durham: (https://www.louisevdurham.com/), whose glass sculptures weave colour, shape and texture in breath-taking alchemy. For those new to open studios, they are intimate events, with a casual and warm atmosphere. They are about making art accessible to all, away from the vibe of the glitterati. It can be a place to peruse the work, eat some cake, have a chat or just say hello. We’d love to see you. There’s absolutely no obligation to do anything other than enjoy yourself.

In the middle two weekends of May (14th-15th and 21st-22nd), there will be an open studios at my daughter’s house in East Dulwich, South London. Here, you will be able to see my new spring work on display, drink some tea and be taken care of by Poppy, who really is a fantastic host. As an artist herself, she has a broad knowledge of my practice and will be able to answer any questions about the collection. She’ll be joined by Catherine, my gallery manager, who is also a painter in her own right. Together, they make a brilliant and knowledgeable team. While I won’t be at this particular one, I’ll be at the end of the phone, ready to help you with anything if you need. If you’re lucky, you may be able to meet baby Mila too. Lui the fluffy dog will also be in attendance. I trust you will feel the glow of their lovely home.

The final open studios will be in Totnes during the first week of June (2nd– 5th) held at my gallery on Totnes High Street, I will be exhibiting lots of fresh work, along with Mike. For those in the South West this is the perfect opportunity to meet me in person, learn about my craft and join us for a cuppa.





ARTIST OPEN HOUSE BRIGHTON57 Washington Street, Brighton, BN2 9SRMAY 7th & 8th – 14th &15th – 21st & 22nd – 28th & 29th 11am – 5pm DULWICH FESTIVAL – ARTIST OPEN HOUSE 45A Derwent Grove, London, SE22 8DZMAY 14th & 15th – 21st & 22nd 11am – 5pm TOTNES OPEN STUDIOS Yvonne Coomber Gallery 75 High Street, Totnes, TQ9 5PBJUNE 2nd & 3rd & 4th & 5th 10.30am – 4.30pm PLEASE EMAIL info@yvonnecoomber.com TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT or for further queries