6 Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

You know when you walk into someone’s home and it just oozes a certain homeliness? That warm welcoming feeling often epitomised by the smell of freshly baked bread or fresh coffee brewing on the stove. It makes you feel like you belong and gladdens the soul.

We spend the second largest time of our lives in our family home, so this time has got to feel relaxing, happy and inviting. People write to tell me that my glittering wildflower paintings create a happy, peaceful place in their interiors. My flowerscapes transport them and their home decor to a place where comfort reigns; whether the painting has been bought to commemorate a special milestone or gifted as a token of love, it seems that my wildflower paintings personify a happy home. Making your house a place that reflects your tastes, speaks to your inner being, and makes you feel happier can be a challenge, but taking the time to do it can be well worth the effort in the end. A happy home can be achieved with these six simple interior design tips and decorating ideas…

Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

1) A Happy Home, A Happy Heart

A happy home is so very important. Home is where you live with your family, home is place you want to come to feel safe, home is huge part of your identity, home is the place where you grow up, where you watch your children grow, and it is a place you eat, sleep and be. Home acts as a sanctuary and resting place where we feel most at ease. To create a happy home fill your house with photographs, works of art and memories which make you smile. Personalise your living space with wall art and artefacts you have found on your travels and belongings which you have found along the journey of your life. A house filled with items which tell your story is a happy home indeed.

2) Fill Your House with Flowers

Studies show that the presence of flowers can trigger happy emotions, heighten feelings of life satisfaction and affect social behaviour positively. My flowerscapes bring about cheerful emotional feelings in those who enter a room, they make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere. Summer Breeze is a flower painting which evokes a lightness of heart and would be a happy addition to any home. Of course, there’s no denying that real flowers infinitely enhance a living space, so if you love the heady scent of nature then Cornish flower company Cornish Bloom provide a seasonal range of home-grown flowers just as nature intended.

3) Embrace the Rainbow

Colours have such an important role in our home. Colour can create moods and many people believe that careful use of colour can improve your mental well-being. The Chinese practice of Feng Shui believes that the use of certain shades can bring prosperity and luck, with purples and reds considered lucky for attracting wealth and peace. Look to nature to see what works in your home; flowers are perfect for studying complementary colours. Look at the delicate mauve of a crocus bulb paired with the contrasting colour of vibrant yellow on its stamens, or consider the vibrancy of deep red berries nestling beside a glossy, bright green holly leaf. Nature demonstrates how a toning scheme never needs to be dull. Think of the several different shades of green leaves, grass and trees beautifully co-existing in a natural light. Even in a minimalist contemporary home, a big splash of colour can make an impact and create a focal point.

4) Mix Patterns and Textures

Velvet with burlap, cotton with metallics? Don’t be afraid to think creatively when it comes to putting fabrics together and do what feels right for you. Mix handmade cushions with chunky antique heirlooms to create a space which is individual to you and your family. Keep your house from looking like a sterile showroom by mixing and matching the pieces and designs you need and really like, not the ones advertised to you as a ‘set’. Add your own personal stamp of individuality by creating a melange of textures and fabrics and your home will become a happier place as a result because it will be individual to you and your family.

5) Light up Your Life

Brightness is refreshing and inviting. White is a colour which reflects light well and it can make your space feel brighter, which will do wonders to brighten your mood. Use lighting to highlight areas you most want to see; consider spotlighting a piece of original artwork you love or create a cosy reading nook with a carefully placed fine art lampshade on a console table near your favourite armchair. Using mirrors is one of the most popular interior design tips for a happy home; mirrors work wonders to make a space feel larger and brighter. Mirrors give you energy, you can place them in front of a window where they will reflect light beautifully into your space lighting every corner.A well-placed mirror allows light to reflect and bounce around the room, creating a brighter happier space and transforming your home.

6) Personality Makes a House a Home

If you are a fond of canvasses, adore books or have a penchant for buying antiques; do not be afraid to display them through every corner of your house. Your house should reflect your character and define your personality. If you and your partner found love whilst wandering through wildflower meadows, celebrate that! If you were born in another country and want to remember your heritage, celebrate that! If have a large collection of stained glass sculptures, celebrate that! Don’t be afraid to celebrate what makes you you, and fill your home with what you love and a home decor style that makes you happy.

Our surroundings affect our mood greatly as we are emotional beings so, by taking care of our homes, we will be insuring that our lives will be infinite days of happiness.

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(Thanks to Florence Finds for the image of my print in her home!)