How to Create Hygge at Home…

What is Hygge? Hard to explain but even harder to pronounce, the essence of the Danish word ‘hygge’ means creating a cosy warm atmosphere where you can enjoy the good life. The deliciously carefree word “hygge” (pronounced ‘hooga’) dates back to the 18th century and is loosely connected to the English word ‘hug’; it encompasses simple joy and is all abo ut making your home a place of happiness. Being surrounded by people you love, lazy picnics in the park, cherishing yourself, snuggling under a soft blanket, scoffing homemade cake with dollops of ice cream and enjoying all of those simple pleasures that make life great can all be summed up as ‘hygge’. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying your life to its fullest, being kind to one’s self and indulging in a blissful togetherness where being happy and feeling secure is everything. The impending onset of autumn is a good time to think about the beautiful concept of hygge and to start feathering our nests to ensure that they are cosy, joyful and welcoming…

How to Create Hygge at Home with Wildflower Paintings

People write to tell me that my glittering wildflower paintings create a happy place in their homes which inspires joy and comfort. My flowerscapes transport them to a place where gladness and comfort reigns; whether the painting has been bought to commemorate a special milestone birthday or gifted as a token of love, it seems that my wildflower paintings epitomise the Danish phenomena of ‘hygge’! Akin to the science of mindfulness and happiness but in a much gentler way, hygge is perhaps the reason why Danes are the happiest people in the world (as concluded by a research study undertaken by the ‘Happiness Research Institute’). But how can you create hygge at home? Studies show that the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behaviour positively. Flowerscapes bring about cheerful emotional feelings in those who enter a room, they make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere. The introduction of a glittery flower painting can truly evoke joy, happiness and hygge.

Hygge Inspired by Nature

The Little Book of Hygge” says that there are some hyggelig rituals which connect us to the flux and flow
of life such as “tending a garden together, planting a window box, or visiting a city where the streets are lined with cherry blossom…a walk through the spicy, sweet water and rich earth scent of bluebells in spring”. I can truly appreciate this as creating beautiful works of art inspired by wild places, nature and love connects me to the natural world because I always work outside. This means that lacy ice and howling gales have as much influence on the final painting as golden sunshine and gentle breezes. The weather in a very direct way dictates how and where the paint falls. The creation of the piece is a very physical demanding process that requires my all. The initial marks evolve from an energetic dance around the canvas and the process is full of raw emotion and passion. After such emotional exertion, hygge is very important and I definitely try to make sure that my home is one where friends and family feel welcomed, cherished and nourished. Our home is an ever-changing eclectic gallery of artwork from friends and family, as well as my own paintings, photography and sketches from our regular travels. We have many artists in our lives and our walls celebrate this!

I think that hygge is a wonderful and easily-achievable concept which can help each of us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. How to create hygge means living for the moment and enjoy the beauty and joy of life surrounded by beloved friends and beautiful artwork. Enjoy a little more hygge in your life!

With love (and hygge) always,
Yvonne xx