How to buy art and start an art collection

How to buy art

Buying art can be an intimidating process. You’ve seen a piece of art online or in an art gallery. You love it. You want to buy it. But you feel you need to learn a little about how to buy art first.

Whether it’s an original artwork, canvas or print it’s extremely important to discover the piece of  art that is right for you.

Here are some of my tips to help you choose the perfect piece.

Follow your bliss

It is important to feel a connection with the work and to select a piece that makes your heart sing.  Art collecting is like love at first sight.
Finding the right piece of art can bring you eternal happiness so always choose a piece you fall in love with.  Trust your instinct and follow your heart.

Where to look

It has never been easier to buy art.
Traditional galleries, art fairs, auctions and local open studios are always a great way to see the artwork in person.

How to buy art online

For the first time buyer who finds galleries overwhelming a fixed-price “buy now”  online platform can be appealing and accessible.
Online galleries such as Saatchi Art  give you access to a much greater range of art than is possible to view in person including international access to works you would previously not have been able to see.
One of the barriers to making that initial leap to buying original art online is not being able to see the work in person before hanging it in your home. Step in Saatchi Art’s 7 day money back guarantee – return the work for a full refund if it’s not quite what you hoped.

Working with budgets

Limited edition prints are an affordable way to transform your home with an image you love and these smaller edition batches from an artist you love are investment pieces in their own right.
Make sure you choose an original print made and signed by the artist, which will usually be a limited edition run of 50-100
Do ensure that the piece you choose is mounted and framed beautifully.

Consider the interior

Home is a space of nourishment and retreat. A place of sanctuary. A piece of art brings magic and life to a space.  The size of the image you choose will determine the degree of impact you wish it to have. For instance, a very large painting will be a centrepiece and the interior will hold it like a precious jewel.  Equally, a smaller work will bring colour and a sense of joy. A little baby painting brings pops of colour that unites a room.
Keep in mind that art should be hung lower than you think, too high creates an awkward focal point within the room.
Displaying smaller pieces on shelves works really well.
A gallery wall works wonderfully for an eclectic arrangement of different-sized artworks and is a great way to build your art collection.  It gives you the freedom to chop and change, adding new styles and types of artwork as your collection grows.
Also consider fabrics, cushions and lampshades to compliment your chosen works.

Follow your favourite artist on social media

Research is important.  Learn about the artist you are buying from to get a feel for how they work and the story behind their art.
Following your favourite artists on social media gives you an insight into their influences and what informs their practice. It is also a great way to keep in the loop of their recent works. You need to see a commitment to their work – you don’t want to buy from someone who stops painting soon after your purchase.

How to buy art and start a collection - Yvonne Coomber

You shouldn’t buy art as an investment, but because you want your life enriched. Be brave with your choices and don’t deny yourself something you really love.
Now that you have read my tips, you know that buying art is not that difficult after all. What are you waiting for? It’s time to consider starting your own collection!