Vibrant Glitter Flower Paintings That Pop With Magic and Colour

Vibrant, sparkling, and popping with colour, Devon artist Yvonne Coomber’s glitter flower paintings whisper songs of love, enchantment and magic. Each gloriously celebratory piece takes inspiration from the beauty found throughout the tumbling hedgerows, ancient woodland and sprawling landscapes of the bucolic Devon countryside. Colour and texture has always been a focal point to her glittery and sparkle artwork. In her early thirties she pursued a formal fine art training and textiles were initially central to her practice. Subsequently Yvonne incorporated similar layering into her floral interpretations and glitter flower paintings of the Devon countryside.

Glitter Flower Paintings & Sparkle Art Inspired by the Devon Countryside

Yvonne Coomber loves the tactile nature and potential which presents itself when using textiles and fabrics, and some of her early artworks saw her teasing apart canvasses before sewing them back together using glittery thread. Today, evidence of her creative birthing via textiles is still very much present in her glitter flower paintings using an intuitive mix of oils, inks and glosses. Her mixed media constructions often include glitter, gold leaf and multiple layers of rainbow-strewn pigments and paint that come together to create a perfect harmony. This unique technique encourages her delicate yet sprightly florals to be catapulted up from the canvas in a kaleidoscopic confetti shower of joy.

Paintings With Glitter Which Sparkle and Sing

The use of light-reflecting glitter helps to give Yvonne’s paintings extra depth and contributes to the three dimensional visual splendour of her Devon flower paintings. Subtle yet omnipresent, Yvonne’s paintings truly connect to the souls of those who collect this highly sought-after artwork all over the world.

Yvonne explains why she loves to incorporate glitter and other multi-media elements into her sparkly flower paintings;

“I paint using a variety of materials as I want to create a visual language that is both simple and complex. My intention whilst I work is to communicate light, joy, freedom and magic. I use glitter because of its the light reflecting qualities and its ability to illuminate a final image, to make it sparkle and sing. Glitter also evokes innocence. The glitter I use is sourced carefully and contains diamond dust amongst other ingredients. Gold adds a richness and depth and I choose authentic gold leaf because of its ability to illuminate and dazzle”.

“I also use copper and silver leaf, depending on the effect I wish to have. The oil paints I choose are carefully selected for their saturation of colour and pigments. Some tiny tubes are incredibly expensive but it is necessary that I have that precise shade. The layered washes and thicker impasto areas also create their own language and I love the transparency that occurs and the visibility of the many, many layers that create the finished piece. The materials I use are essential to my work and I am a perfectionist in this area. Flowers provide a wonderful inspiration for the use of these gorgeous materials. So once I have chosen my glitters, oils and gold leaves I am then able to play and allow intention and mystery to have their dance on the canvas!”

Yvonne’s glitter flower paintings and depictions of meadows and other wild natural places hold a very special allure. Her paintings are loved by many, and Yvonne has public collections all over the world. Inject your interiors with some kaleidoscopic sparkle and magic – who doesn’t need some of that every now and again?

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