My Solo Exhibition at the Gaslamp Gallery in Ireland

I am very much looking forward to my trip to Ireland for my first ever solo show in my mother’s homeland. As well as exhibiting some new work at the exhibition at the Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey between 14th and 24th July, I am also very much looking forward to the mini road trip around the beautiful Emerald Isle with Mike and our campervan. The market town of Gorey is just an hour’s drive from Dublin on the South East coast of Ireland in Co. Wexford and a charming location for an exhibition with its natural surroundings and historic beauty.  My exhibition at the Gaslamp Gallery is on Gorey’s Esmonde Street and my solo show therein promises to be a celebration of creativity and colour – I hope some of you might be available to come and visit this solo exhibition entitled ‘Tread Softly’ to see some new original work as well as a collection of limited edition prints.

A Celebration of Colour, Love and Magic

I was brought up on a farm and spent much of my early years in Ireland which was where my mother was born. I travelled widely in my twenties with a hunger for exploration and discovery, but my soul began in Ireland and I feel very much rooted to and inspired by this magical isle’s stunning natural backdrop. My paintings are a primal reaction to my natural landscape and I find inspiration in everything; from the delicate unfurling of a green leaf to the chaos of a rainbow-strewn wildflower meadow, and the plump deliciousness of a fat raindrop as it sploshes into a pavement puddle. The simplicity and beauty of Ireland’s landscape has been vividly instrumental in my career as a contemporary artist and I thank my stars that I have such a connection to this special place, without which perhaps my work would have taken a very different avenue. My work is a rich vibrant sparkling seduction of colour which celebrates mystery, magic and love. Tumbling hedgerows and wild places provide inspiration and this solo exhibition at the Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey will be a celebration of this.

The Gaslamp Art Gallery is open daily from 10am-5:30pm, with Sundays opening during exhibitions only from 12noon until 4:30. It can be found at 46 Esmonde Street, Gorey, Co Wrexford Y25 YP40. For any enquiries please call +353 (0) 53 0486.

I hope to see some of you there, please do tell me your thoughts of this exhibition and more via my Facebook page, Instagram or via email at To see what else i’m up to this summer and beyond, take a look at my Events Diary where all exhibitions and events are displayed.

With love always,

Yvonne xxx