Devon Open Studios 2018

I’m so pleased to say that I’ll be taking part in the Devon Open Studios 2018 at my home in Totnes from 8th – 23rd September. One of the things about Open Studios that’s so special to me is that I host it in my own home, and my house is the central hub of my life. Mike, my husband, and I are incredibly social, and we share four children together, so our home is always a vibrant, bustling place that’s filled with creative energy and plenty of laughter. To be able to invite people into my home to showcase my art is such a joy to me, as I love to share this side of my life and to meet people face-to-face.

I’ll be showing quite an eclectic mix of my artwork during Open Studios: there will be some discounted archival pieces, as well as work from my brand new collections, a wide selection of prints and printed canvases, and a range of my interior products, including lampshades and cushions. Also, I find Open Studios are always a brilliant opportunity for anyone who is interested in commissioning work from me. My home is the perfect environment in which to chat to me more intimately, and where I’m able to take the time to talk through specific details for a commissioned project. It’s such a pleasure to be able to work with someone and bring their vision alive when I’ve established a personal connection with them.

Even if people simply wish to browse and become more familiar with my work, I’m always happy to be able to open up my home for Open Studios. It’s a family affair, as my mum bakes her delicious chocolate brownies for the occasion, and there’s plenty of tea and coffee on offer too, so do pop by if you’re in the area.

Devon Art Exhibitions

Devon artist network is a perfect opportunity to view the work of many accomplished and famous Devon artists, you will be able to see beautiful and inspiring Devon art for sale and get up close and personal with these wonderful creatives.


As well as my Open Studios event, I’m excited about some other projects I’ll be working on this autumn. I’m eager to deepen my involvement with charities supporting wildflowers, and I’m currently in the early stages of discussing a collaboration with the Eden Project and their new National Wildflower Centre. The natural landscape remains a constant source of inspiration for my art work, and I feel a profound commitment to rescuing and re-growing wildflower meadows.

I recently attended a conference at the Eden Project, and I was so inspired by the many brilliant speakers, including the Eden Project’s co-founder, Tim Smit. I learnt about the National Wildflower Centre’s aim to bring back wildflowers to the UK’s living culture and reverse ecological decline. Wildflowers are endangered, and I fully support the campaign to protect wild areas and to plant wildflowers in both rural and urban locations to bring more biodiversity, joy, colour and beauty to communities. Not only do wildflowers uplift our hearts, but they are essential to the survival of many species, so I feel that protecting them is an incredibly poignant and worthwhile pledge to make, and it will be such an honour and privilege to work with the Eden Project in support of the National Wildflower Centre.

For those interested in this topic, I would also like to highlight some other wildlife charities I endorse. Plant Life is a wild plant conservation charity that owns thousands of acres of land across Great Britain and works to save wildflowers, plants and fungi that are threatened with extinction. A Devon-based charity that is near to my heart is Rowcroft Hospice and its ‘Meadow of Memories.’ Each year, a meadow of wildflowers is planted in the hospice grounds to celebrate loved ones present and remembered.

At this stage in my career, I am eager to focus more of my attention on ways in which I can give back and support the conservation of wildflowers, this connection of a deepening relationship with nature is where I believe magic lives. A profound commitment to untamed spaces make my paintings sing with happiness, beauty and a desire to do all that I can to protect these fields of joy and healing. These places are the source of my inspiration and it is a blessing to share it with you.

Devon Open Studio 2018 Details:

Opening Hours for Open Studio

  • Thursdays 13th & 20th September 2018 – 11am-6pm
  • Fridays 14th & 21st September 2018 – 11am-6pm
  • Saturdays 8th,15th & 22nd September 2018 –  11am-6pm
  • Sundays 9th 16th 23rd September 2018 – 11am-6pm


Event: Devon Open Studios 2018
Location: Yvonne Coomber Open Studios, 3 Shaftesbury Place, Maudlin Road, Totnes, TQ9 5TF
Starting on: 8 September 2018
Ending on: 23 September 2018

This year, Devon Open Studios takes place between 8th-23rd September 2018 and there will be over 230 artists looking forward to welcoming visitors to their unique workspaces showing art and craft in Devon