Your Yvonne Coomber Christmas Wish List

Sparkle, Whimsy and Flowerscape-Infused Christmas Joy!

As children, many of us would write a Christmas list for Santa which would then be magically whisked up the chimney before flying over the rooftops to Lapland where the elves would tell the big man in red what to deliver where on Christmas morning. Toy trains, a hobbyhorse or a set of wooden building blocks would commonly appear on many letters to Santa, whilst these days perhaps a games console or smartphone is a more common addition to the average Santa Christmas wish list.

As adults, rather than writing a letter to Santa we are more inclined to drop subtle hints to our partner about that long-cherished bracelet or latest fragrance. We drop heavy hints that we don’t want practical gifts such as saucepans (!), and leave polite cryptic clues as to what comprises our dream Christmas wish list this year.

From deliciously cosy slippers to that new handbag which practically winked at you as you walked past the window, a day’s driving experience with a Ferrari at your mercy, or that decadent spa treatment you’ve long coveted…

Christmas gift lists are varied and of course very personal to the individual in question, but if you’re reading this then the one thing that you all do have in common is your love of glittering flowerscapes!

Many of you write to tell me that you love my artwork and that you have long wished to have an original painting, printed canvas or fine art print to display in a special place in your home to ensure that the kaleidoscopic wildflowers could smile at you forever and a day.

This year, why not take chance out of the equation and make your very own Yvonne Coomber Christmas wish list to subtly show your loved ones what you dream of finding in your stocking this Christmas morning?

Buying unique gifts from an independent artist or local craftsperson this Christmas will not only help to nurture our talented creatives, but it will mean more to the recipient that you’ve taken the time to select a thoughtful considered gift.  Whether purchasing directly from an independent artist, or searching for affordable art to buy online, the joy felt when you get your piece of hand-picked artwork home is unsurpassed. Pots, plates, mugs, rugs, images and mosaics in my own home take on quite another meaning when I know they have been lovingly created by someone who makes their living (either partly or wholly) out of their creativity.  I love being a part of this journey for people who but my art, and the enjoyment I receive out of using and looking at the objects and pictures I have in my own home is second-to-none.

How to Make Your Christmas Wish List Come True    

Be inspired and start making your own wish list for the festive season. Your significant other will not only be happy in the knowledge that they have got it right this year, but for every wish list made before 21st December, I will also be donating to the children’s charity Make a Wish. This amazing organisation grants wishes to enrich the lives of seriously ill children in the UK. Make A Wish go above and beyond to grant very special wishes to very special children; their dreams made a reality at a time when they need it most.


Simply go to the online shop and find the product which fills your heart with gladness and which you hope to find under the Christmas tree this year.


To the left of the product (at the footer if using a smartphone), click the button to share to Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


Tag @yvonnecoomber as well as the person who you want to share your wishes with and then click ‘post to Facebook’.

Say “@yvonnecoomber artwork is what I’d love to see under the Christmas tree @name! She’s also donating to Make a Wish for every wish made….”

By doing this you will hopefully get what you wish for this Christmas, as well as contributing to the Make a Wish charity to add some sparkle to children who truly need it. Happy Wishing!

With love and blessings for a peaceful and happy Christmas,

Yvonne x