Black Friday Art Deals to Uplift the Soul…

Put the Sparkle Back!
Black Friday Art Deals to Uplift the Soul…

Gifts which make the recipient feel happy, uplifted, joyful and blessed are perhaps the greatest gifts we can give.

‘Black Friday’ as it’s become known, is the nickname for the day following Thanksgiving, which has been regarded as the beginning of the US Christmas shopping season since 1952. Inevitably, trends like these often hop across the pond. and The UK recognises this huge event which sees people all over the world taking benefit from discounts and snapping up Black Friday art deals such as these.

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What is Black Friday?

It almost seems irreverent to hold a day of commercial frenzy the day after Thanksgiving when many take stock of their blessings and are grateful for what they have. However, if the purchase is heartfelt this need not necessarily be the case.

I am a child of the seventies and the Christmas of my memory was a purer, much less commercial celebration than it is now. But is this true? Was it really purer and less commercial in the ‘good old days’? For me it really felt like it was but I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Today’s fondly recalled Christmas imagery is filled with scenes from the Victorian era where many of the Christmas traditions (from Santa Claus to wrapping paper) were born. Far from being a commercial-free celebration however, the Victorian Christmas was very much a manufactured product and it had a capitalist spin from the outset. Before 1800, Christmas was celebrated mainly by the rich via the hosting of lavish dinners and the giving of alms to the poor. It was about gathering people together and giving in its purest form Whilst this has subsequently been lost it is this essence that I feel is central to this traditional time of year.

For me Christmas for me is about community, sharing a delicious feast with dear ones as well as the giving of gifts full of love and thoughtfulness. Of course also in the mix is underlying stress and pressure! This dissipates when I let go of this one day having to be “perfect” and instead remember the essence of this ritual. As children, we were not confronted with (nor interested in), the most “commercial” parts of Christmas. It this feeling I want evoke.

Black Friday Art Deals

So I say lets add some light back into ‘black Friday!’ Make it about offering. Giving a carefully-chosen gift at Christmas time to another reinstates the magic and the love.

I endeavour to inject some sparkle into Black Friday.

To thank you all for your ongoing support I hope that your loved ones can enjoy a little extra sparkle underneath the Christmas tree this year with a black Friday offering from me to you. Free postage and packaging for you until Monday! Endless blessings, as always, Yvonne xxxx