Dazzling Art Inspired by Barcelona

We have just arrived home from a visit to Barcelona and I am bursting with art inspiration!

I fell in love with Barcelona nearly three decades ago. Returning there with my husband Mike did not disappoint my memories or my heart. My desire was for him to also be seduced by this vibrant, magical, colourful and beguiling city… and he was.

Cities Rich With Culture

I travel frequently not only to  saturate myself in new experiences as a way of keeping curious about the world, but it also helps me to discover new visual references.  The writer and philosopher Alain de Bottom once said “journeys are the midwives of thought”, and I am definitely full of ideas to deliver onto my canvas!

In Barcelona art is everywhere.  It is woven into the very fabric of the city.  It is in the architecture, street graffti, museums, galleries and very culture itself….it literally buzzed  with a vibrant creativity! The day we spent in Museu National d’Art Catalunya  was truly wonderful. We explored the works of artists spanning several centuries and there was a truly outstanding collection of art.  We spent several hours weaving ourselves through Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissace, Baroque and Moderist glories. It was a feast of colour and beauty.

We also visited the Picasso Museum with its extensive collection of his work.  I particularly enjoyed seeing sketches and unfinished pieces; the bare bones and foundations of his paintings. It was fascinating  to see his development over the decades.

Art Inspired by Barcelona

The last day was spent at Gaudis masterpiece Sagrada Familila. As soon as I entered the space, despite the crowds,  I found it deeply moving.  I loved how the light danced in rainbows of awe-inspiring majesty.  The pillars, like trees, illustrated Gaudi’s love of nature.  He was an multi-talented artist who merged ceramics, stained glass, wrought ironwork forging and carpentry into his architecture. Gaudi’s presence penetrates Barcelona and his individual and distinctive style is a jewel in this beautiful city.

Now back to the soft folds of Devon I intend to translate these few remarkable days into kaleidoscopic magic onto my canvas

With love,

Yvonne xxx