Here is a selection of canvases from my early practice. If you see a piece here that you fall in love with I am very happy to create a bespoke commission inspired by any past work.


My intuitive abstract paintings are a surrender to mystery. They celebrate love, beauty and joy. Dreamy and impressionistic they go dance with mystery. They are painted with raw emotion, energy and tenderness. Colour is central to finished piece and all of the work sings with happiness.


These early flowerscapes created gateways for my practice today. These paintings are inspired by my profound passion for the effortless beauty of untamed meadowlands. My intention is to depict fields of swaying rainbow coloured flowers with luminous oils. A place full of dreams and overflowing with love.

Magical Forests

Fairy tales are full of forests and it is all too evident why. They are places of shadows, dappled light and mystery. Where the trees seem to know secrets which you could hear if you only listened hard enough. These pieces were created with the knowledge that the unseen is as relevant as the seen. They sing of magic.


My husband Mike and I frequently hike on Dartmoor. It is one of the last true wildernesses of our island and we are blessed to have it on our doorstep. Its vast and ancient beauty is utterly awe-inspiring. I pour its rich tapestry of mystery and magic onto my canvas.