Five Reasons to Buy Affordable Art from Independent Artists

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. Vincent Van Gogh

Buying affordable art from independent artists is very often a simple but deep joy. To be able to take home a piece of artwork which has inspired you touches your heart and warms your soul.

I paint because I love to. It brings me both peace and an opportunity to play. My studio is nestled deep in Devon’s folds, with no internet or mobile reception.  It is surrounded by tumbling kaleidoscopic hedgerows and is a true sanctuary.

When I am painting it provides me with a space to forget about myself and let something that is bigger than my humanity comes through.

It is a deep honour and also profoundly humbling that my work touches people.  It is my intention to make a stand for beauty, joy and love.  I am deeply aware that the world needs these qualities more than ever at the moment.

My art is a pursuit of beauty.  I want my work to communicate happiness.   All of my paintings celebrate mystery, magic and all that is good in the world.  I often receive emails from people that tell me that their original paintings and printed canvasses bring them joy and that they can’t help but smile every time they walk past their chosen piece. It is wonderful to hear how moved people are and it means a great deal to me to receive this correspondence.

The purpose of art is diverse; it can incite debate, start revolutions, challenge ideas and bring people together. The world needs art because it communicates on another level, it has the ability to make us think a little differently and can move us deeply.

Whether purchasing art directly from an independent artist, or searching for affordable art to buy online, the joy felt when you get your piece of hand-picked artwork home is special. Mike and I have a home overflowing with objects, paintings and photographs that we have bought from many different artists and artisans we’ve found on our travels. Wabibabi pots, gayly painted plates, wobbly mugs and hand tufted rugs as well as many beautiful paintings.  These take on quite another meaning when you know they have been lovingly created by someone who makes their living, either partly or wholly, out of their creativity. It brings a sense of connection. I love being a part of an astrists’ journey – the enjoyment I receive out of using and looking at these objects and images is an ongoing resource.

Five Reasons to Buy Affordable Art

1) Enrichment

Art has that very special quality of being able to capture people’s imaginations and provoke emotion. The gift of art is something rather quite special and a carefully-chosen piece of art can enrich your life in so many ways. Artwork creates long-lasting memories and deepens relationships; the everlasting joy that art brings is unsurpassable.

2) Buying Original Affordable Art

Filling your home with original art can sometimes seem expensive, so choosing pocket-friendly works such as these miniatures can make buying original art accessible to all. My unique printed canvasses are infused with a tumult of love; I take great pride in embellishing my them so that each piece is totally unique.

3) Longevity

The beauty of art is that it can serve as an heirloom which you can then pass on to generation after generation. You could spend the same amount on something which eventually expires or eventually passes, but art lasts forever. Some art even grows in value over the years as an artist’s work grows in popularity and scarcity, meaning that your beloved artwork is not only life-enriching but also an investment.

4) Buy Affordable Fine Art Prints

My fine art prints are produced using lightfast pigment-based inks in an ultra-chrome printer. Such painstaking attention to detail ensures that my limited edition fine art prints possess all the vibrancy, colour, texture and tone of the original painting. Framed fine art prints, especially ones created to such a beautifully highly crafted standard are a rarity, these are the perfect opportunity to purchase own your very own piece of affordable artwork.

5) Memories

They say that you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. No matter what is going on in your life now, the random, joyous memories you share with a loved one never fail to make you smile when reflected upon. The sweetest memories create a place where you can revisit special moments.Beautiful artwork can signify a time in your life or a moment which you want to remember, anchoring you to that feeling forever.

A person’s most valuable asset is not a pocket full of money, but a heart full of love and a spirit filled with kindness. Fill your home with love and find your reason to own a beautiful piece of affordable art that means something special to you. Share the art with friends, family members and loved ones to show them how much they are loved and remind them that love is the most important thing in the whole world.

What makes you want to buy affordable art and what inspires you about my paintings? I’d love to hear your comments below…

With love and blessings,

Yvonne xxx